Lifebuoy helps more children reach their 5th birthday

Lifebuoy is on a mission. A lifesaving mission to spread the importance of good handwashing habits around the world. Most importantly, a mission that will help more children reach their 5th birthday.

Every year, 2 million children fail to reach their fifth birthday[i] because of diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia. That’s two million too many. Especially when the simple act of handwashing could help erase this tragedy.

Lifebuoy has taught healthy hand washing habits to 130 million people around the world. And we continue this lifesaving journey to Thesgora, India to show just how much this simple habit can do.

Globally, Thesgora has one of the highest incidences of diarrhoea among children. Which is why Lifebuoy will be working directly with school children, neonatal mums and community groups to encourage handwashing with soap at 5 key occasions (before eating, after using the toilet and when bathing) in order to help every child reach five and improve the lives of all villagers. Thesgora is just the first of many villages that Lifebuoy will work with.

The campaign’s launch was marked with a groundbreaking 3-minute film about the importance of handwashing. Going beyond the statistics, it brings a real, personal and powerful perspective through Gondappa’s story, a father’s journey to celebrate his son’s 5th birthday. Support our cause and watch the video now:

With over 6 million views, this film has sparked strong reactions particularly among parents. Experience their emotions first hand and help spread the message to others at

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    WATCH Gondappa’s story and hear from other
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    PLEDGE your support for handwashing with
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    SPREAD the word by sharing the film and
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    WASH your hand with soap at key occassions
    and teach children to do the same

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