H is for Handwashing

Check out our five steps to wash your hands in the right way. Learn more.

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Global Handwashing Day

The ABCs of education haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Maybe, now is the time.

Handwashing saves lives. It’s a lesson many pandemics have taught us. But it is also the lesson we forget very easily. Which is why, this Global Handwashing Day, we are pledging to forever change the world’s handwashing behaviour. By making a fundamental change in the way the letters of the alphabet are taught.

A for apple, B for Ball. We never forget these first lessons of life. We propose to forever change ‘H for Hat’ to ‘H for Handwashing’. By collaborating with educators and publishers of kids’ content, worldwide. To spread the word, go to Instagram, use the #HforHW filter and tag #HforHandwashing.The more you post, the more educators we reach with our programme. 

5 Steps to wash your hands

5 Steps to wash your hands

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