When germs go learning grows

It may be difficult to manage children's hygiene habits & keep them protected against germs. Check some useful tips to keep them one step ahead of infections.

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Classroom with masks
Kid against germs

Little heroes against germs

School is back, and so are the sniffles! In a global pandemic, every parent could use a few extra tricks to fight against the germs, Here are some fun ways to teach your kids how to protect themselves 

  • Teach them to wash their hands frequently and properly. Let them sing along their favorite song for at least 20 seconds.

  • Make sure you emphasize: always have lunch at their desks to protect their personal space and help reduce their exposure to germs.

  • Let them be creative with their social distancing greetings: they can wave, salute, do a hand heart gesture, or foot shake from a safe distance.

  • Equip them with safety tools, such as hand sanitizers, wipes and extra masks. You can stick cute notes on their lunch box to remind them of washing their hands.

Emotionally ready for a new school experience

Online learning? No more please! we hear you say. And we agree. the latest Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Journal says, children learn best when physically present in school. Let's go through some careful steps, put in place to keep the little ones safe:

  • Have a conversation with them about the changes they will experience in school, such as wearing masks and social distancing

  •  Maintaining physical distance from their friends and teachers might be hard for them: remind them of the positives, like being able to see their friends again. 

  • Wearing a mask can be frustrating for children, especially when playing. But wait a minute: don't superheroes wear masks all the time?

Getting ready for school
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Hand washing

Handwashing? So much fun!

Here's a fun, simple and child-friendly tutorial for proper handwashing. We promise, it sticks in children's heads and makes them eager to do it more often. 

If you have any other fun handwashing ideas for kids, feel free to share them and mention us on social media.

So, click below, and let the fun begin!  


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