How to Protect Yourself from Grocery Store Germs.What is H1N1?


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Grocery shopping is a task that most people have to perform regularly. But wherever you find humans you will find germs, and grocery stores are no exception.

Whenever you go grocery shopping, it's safe to assume that you're going to encounter a large number of people. The more people you come into contact with, the higher the risk of virus transmission. So, how do you keep safe when you're headed to the shops? Here are five things to do when shopping, to minimise your risk of coming into contact with germs:

Wipe Shopping Basket and Trolley Handles

Most germs are transmitted by people's hands, and the first thing you are going to touch is a shopping basket or trolley handle. Before you grab one, wipe it down with the disinfectant at the store's entrance, or bring your own basket if the store doesn't have any.

Spend as Little Time as Possible in the Store

Try not to spend too much time in the aisles – especially the busy ones. Instead of wondering about the store, draw up a grocery list so you know exactly what you're going to buy. Keep a close eye on aisle directories so you know where everything is.

Keep Physical Contact to a Minimum

Tills and self-checkout points are touched by a large number of people, which makes them the top virus hotspots to avoid. Wherever possible, use contactless payment methods such as the tap and go system so you don't have to touch the card machine's keypad. If you have to, please ensure you sanitise your hands afterwards.

Wash Your Hands

Once you have all your groceries and are ready to go home, wash your hands with a soap bar or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. When you get home, rewash your hands before you unpack your groceries. You can dispose of your groceries' outer packaging, but it's unlikely that they will be covered with enough virus particles to cause an infection.

Wash Your Reusable Bag Between Shopping Trips

If you're using a reusable shopping bag, there's a possibility it can harbour germs in between uses. Toss your reusable bag in the washing machine in between trips to the store. Alternatively, you can wipe them down with soap and water between uses.

Germ protection is of the utmost importance when you're heading to the grocery store. While the act of replenishing your pantry and filling your fridge may seem like any other routine task, it carries the potential to bring germs into your home. Luckily, a bit of caution and hand hygiene offers some protection.

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