Stay fresh and safe this summer

Summer is for creating unforgettable memories. Take advantage of every moment to create worry-free experiences and make this summer super fresh, clean and safe.

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Stay fresh and safe this summer enjoy
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Summer skin: Hygiene & Hydration

We all agree, summer is fun! But not for your skin, when you don't take care of it properly. Dehydration, dryness, body odor all of these are common skin issues that summer brings along. Luckily they can all be avoided, just by maintaining good personal hygiene and keeping your skin hydrated.

So, how do we boast skin hydration and hygiene, you ask? Here are some easy solutions: 

  • Use antibacterial soaps to prevent skin infections caused by sweat and germs. 

  • Drink plenty! Add some citrus to your beverages, to bring the taste factor, as well as boost your skin's immunity. 

  • Eat more "water-rich fruits and vegetables, like watermelon and cucumber.

Nothing like a summer shower

Here's some shower hacks to help you get through this summer and always stay fresh and clean: 

1. Using wipes and sanitizers with fresh scents more often can maximize your cleanliness and keep the body odor away.

2. Exfoliating k essential to remove the dead skin cells that build up. You can use the Lifebuoy lemon Fresh Shower Gel to deeply cleanse and increase your skin's immunity.

3. Your loofah isn't as clean as you think it is! It's a breeding ground for bacteria and dead skin cells. So, make sure to replace it every month.

4. Moisturize, especially after frequent summer showers, to help bring back your skin's natural oil and keep it healthy.


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Your beach must-haves Heading to the beach?

Here's a list of necessities we recommend you add to your beach bag: 

  • A bottle of water But add to it slices of orange and lime for extra flavor and vitamin C to boost skin's hydration and immunity. 

  • Keep an extra sanitizer with you and make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol, just like Lifebuoy sanitizer. not leave it in the car or expose it to the sun for long hours because it's alcohol-based and flammable 

  • A sunscreen (duh) of at least SPF 30. But apply it 15 minutes before stepping outside to get the most protection. Re-apply every 2 hours.

  • Bring a spare clean towel to avoid contamination with germs from dirty towels.

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Summer freshness

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